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About Minoring in Professional Writing

Welcome to Jiayi's writing page. I am currently un undergraduate at University of California, Santa Barbara and will graduate in June 2017.
Writing and designing are always something I am passionate about. I was once living in a closed world. However, through my love to writing, I discovered a world out of the small windowless one I had built for myself. A world of soft spoken beauty.



I am good at editing photos using Photoshop and Illustrator.

I love photos because it's a method to record the moment.


I am good at html5 coding and CSS coding.

I have successfully designed websites for personal and commercial use.

Work Sample

These are my design works from writing classes. These are not look perfect, but they are my beginning works and they represent part of me.

The first is my designed resume. I want to show all important in one page.

The second is my drawing using Illustrator. The inspiration from album cover of XX band.

The third is a poster. This one is a gift to my friend.

The third is a my business part. I used contrasting color black and pink to represent two sides of me.