Biochemistry & Writing & Design

Jiayi Tian

My name is Jiayi Tian. I am currently a graduate student in University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I did my undergraduate at University of California, Santa Barbara with majoring in biochemistry (B.S) and minoring in professional writing.

I am seeking to have a chance to further study at chemistry and biochemistry related field, where I can apply my knowledge and skills for continuous improvement.

I believe the power of chemistry, because I always have a dream about perfume. I love writing and design, it's the way I express myself to this world.


Scientific side: Biochemistry; Nano-chemistry; Organic Chemistry
Creative side: Multimedia writing; video-editing; graphic design
Phone: +1 805-886-5678


June 2016–June 2017

Research Assistant in nano-chemistry lab

The task is to synthesize Ag@TiO2 nanowire with high conductivity and optical transparency, which could be applied on the touch screen of cell phone. During this process, I studies a lot of knowledge in nanochemistry field, such as operate analysis instruments: IR,NMR,MS, spectrometer, chromatography; optical instruments: compound, fluorescence microscope and SEM; biochemical instruments. I also learned how to improve experiment performance using academic articles

September 2016–Present

biochemical lab researcher

Here we focused on studying DNA/RNA, protein (mainly enzyme) and lipids. The mutagenesis of certain enzyme (Uox) was critically examined by mutating Glutamine(Q) at position 245 to Alanine (A). In addition, the identification of unknown protein using Chromatography was performed in which data analysis part was performed using Mathematica. Also, the structure of lipids was identified by H1 and C13 NMR spectrometer, in which data was analyzed using nmrDraw and Mathematica.

June 2015– Nov 20115

Research Assistant in chemical computation lab

During two years doing computation chemistry,I mainly used computation program SYBYL and PYMOL to build molecules and calculate the energy of molecule’s transition state. In addition, the operation of softwares using Linux commands and simple coding was obtained. Finally, applying Mathematica to analyze chemical problems, such as building linear regression model and non-certain regression for a set of data was well studied.

Critical Thinking

Team player

Creative Spirit


Aug 2017– Jun 2018

Master Degree in Chemistry (expected)

University of Michigan, Ann arbor

Sep 2013– Jun 2017

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (major)

University of California, Santa Barbara

Sep 2013 – Jun 2017

Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing (minor)

University of California, Santa Barbara

June 2014–Sep 2014

Internships in Document Management & Writing

Bank of China

June 2016– Aug 2016

Intern in Web & Logo Design

XiangDa Estate Company